I get that question all the time these days. I guess that’s perfectly normal and to be expected, but I’m not always sure how to respond.

… “Well… for the most part, I don’t feel all that different. I mean, aside from the waves of occasionally immobilizing tiredness, but those only happen once in a while, don’t last too long, and leave me tired, but not immobilized. Oh, and the sort of uncertain-ness that seems to have taken over my stomach. I wouldn’t call it out-and-out nausea, and I haven’t thrown up once, so I can’t say I really have morning sickness, per se. I mainly feel like I have an only slightly better relationship with food than Israel does with Palestine.  Then there are the other normal signs of pregnancy that all contribute to how I’m feeling, but are not what you’re asking about. So, does that answer your question?”

Then there’s the “What’s new?” question that obviously refers to the pregnancy. Again, how to answer is the dilemma…

“Not much. Still going about life occasionally feeling mildly to moderately terrible, which makes me think that everything must be okay. What’s new with you?” (I’ve never been good at small talk; can you tell? :P)

I have made a few discoveries though!

  • My husband is the greatest man in the world, and I adore him. No question, no contest, it is just plain fact. (I made that discovery before – that’s why I married him! ;))
  • Knit maxi skirts are AMAZING. I LOVE them. Seriously. 
  • I can’t take too many supplements in the morning, or I WILL feel terrible all day. (Not sure if that’s pregnancy-related or not though, since I sort of had the same thing before…)
  • Not being able to open my mouth very wide at all or eat very easily, as a result of wisdom teeth coming in more, is not exactly conducive to eating often enough to keep the queasiness away. Thankfully that seems to be getting better (the tooth pain, not the queasiness…).
  • Migraines are horrible. Had one all day Saturday; worst I’ve felt in a long time! And Tylenol didn’t do a thing. Only thing I could do was sleep. So I did.
  • The smell of powdered hot chocolate is making me nauseous today.

There. That last one is for all those who have asked the questions previously listed. I think that’s more of what y’all are looking for. Well, thankfully the hot chocolate has been finished, and I need to get ready to go home!