I used to have a blog. I still have a blog. I used to have time. I rarely have whatever that is anymore, and when I do, blogging usually doesn’t make the priority list. I recently pulled out my camera again though, so I thought I’d share a few of the best recent ones.

Life is crazy, so, naturally, a couple months ago we decided to add another dog. Daisy is a red heeler who was an emotional support dog of someone who was forced to giver her away. She came to us basically fully trained. She had never been around small children before, but she’s learned quickly and beautifully that they’re not her responsibility to herd. ;P

Sam took the day off for my birthday recently, and we spent the day wandering around Wildlife Prairie Park. The kids did great, and we had a thoroughly enjoyable family day out.

Yesterday was one of those days where everyone decided to have a rough day at the same time. To help us get through the final hour or so before Sam got home, and while dinner cooked, I grabbed the camera to see what I could capture. I need to play with it more regularly! The quality of my recent pictures make me so sad when I think that I used to be halfway decent!