Art I occasionally enjoy

I sometimes get in a mood to randomly look up classical art. Here are some that I’ve found (and enjoyed) over time. I have found my taste in art tends toward pre-raphaelite paintings (though not always), and that I am very picky. In other words, this page is the product of my sporadic and uneducated interest in art.

Courtyard in Moscow


A Girl and Her Duenna

Peasant Girl and Doves


For some strange reason I feel compelled to compose a disclaimer, so here it is (sort of): the captions that are on the pictures (generally) happen to be the ones that were with the pictures when I found them.


3 thoughts on “Art I occasionally enjoy”

  1. Sooo beautiful!! 😀

  2. Grammy Evelyn said:

    Looking at the art you like, I can see some of this grandmother in my beautiful granddaughter!

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