About Me… or not

5-1-2013Happily married, covenant-minded, occasional blogging, Tennessee girl who has been transplanted to Illinois.


7 thoughts on “About Me… or not”

  1. Jan Cooper said:

    Please, Need help with history degree.

  2. Omar H. Leyva said:

    Good evening ReformedTNGirl,

    I Just ran into your web page while looking for information on DSST Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union. I was hoping you could help me and email any study notes you might have. Please, Thank you.

    I’m also thinking about a BA in History at TESC, I just started taking CLEP and DSST for free since I’m in the Army. I currently have about 60 credits from a CC. I’ve taken Spanish CLEP, A&I Lit CLEP and Substance Abuse DSST.

    So, If you could help me with any other study notes for other History CLEP or DDST, i would truly appreciate it.

    Thank you,

  3. Hi Laura!

    I’ve been trying to find information about the application/enrolling process at TESC and Google led me to your blog. 😉

    If you don’t mind, I would love to hear of your experience and ask a couple of questions.


    • reformedtngirl said:

      Hi, Ashley!

      I’d love to field any questions you have, though I can’t guarantee answers of any kind, much less correct ones. 😉 So sorry about not replying sooner; I’m away from home right now, and therefore not on the computer much, but if you email me (reformedtngirl [at] gmail [dot] com), I’ll do my best.


  4. Matthew Delanoy said:

    Hello 🙂 … I just want to say that I appreciate your blog. I am a history major at tesc. I only have 6 credits left ; I have stumbled upon your blog many times over the past few months as I have been researching topics for the many dsst’s / cleps I have recently taken. And it has always been a pleasure to take a moment to read a few of your blog ‘posts’. Thanks again – Matt

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