Thankful for…

I’m going to be very cliche here and just start listing things. There’s so many, I can never list it all, but I know there are a few things that definitely deserve a mention here. :)

  • Sam. First and foremost (after salvation, of course). He is so wonderful to me. To Ryan. I am so loved. I am so blessed. I love him so much!
  • Family. I am extra thankful for the wonderful relationship I have with my amazing in-laws. I am writing this from their living room, and we plan to spend the next 3 days here with them.
  • Friends. This past year has been so cool. We have been extremely blessed to strengthen our friendships with other couples from our church.
  • Ryan. It’s so weird to think that a year ago, we didn’t even know if the huge watermelon I’d swallowed was a boy or a girl! Now, after the unexpectedly difficult birth that ended in a c-section, he’s here sitting with me, wondering why all his crazy aunts and uncles (and especially dad) are screaming while playing Spot-It. :P
  • Our home. I absolutely love our little apartment – especially it’s proximity to Sam’s work!
  • SMI. They’re so good to Sam. And it was absolutely wonderful to deal with them throughout my pregnancy and Ryan’s birth. What was originally going to cost us roughly $3000, ended up being ten times that much, and the members of SMI were amazing and truly came through for us. I am so thankful to be a part of such a ministry.
  • Working vehicles. I have come to never underestimate the blessing of running vehicles, and now, one that has heat that works really well! ;)
  • Food. Duh, right? But there’s such camaraderie surrounding food! I loved working in the kitchen today with my in-laws. We made all sorts of pies, and washed tons of dishes, but it was all so fun! I can’t wait to enjoy the labor of our hands tomorrow!
  • Church. I’m so grateful to be a part of a church that’s striving to be as God-honoring as possible in it’s worship service. I’m extra thankful for the moments of thanksgiving that happened during the serving this past week and a year ago. I look forward to this service all year long. The focus on being thankful, as opposed to critical or bored or tired, is a welcome and much-needed reminder to me.

That’s not even beginning to touch the tip of the iceberg as far as everything I’m thankful for this year, but the computer is about to run out of battery, so I guess I should close. As I think through everything about this past year, I am thankful to the point of tears. I am truly, wonderfully blessed.

Reformation Weekend in TN

We had such a wonderful visit last weekend in TN!1

It was so good to see Grammy Evelyn, Grammy, Granddaddy, and Aunt Carol this trip!


Along with everyone at Heritage! This cutie is getting SO BIG!!!


Okay, my heart just melted when the monkey started playing with my moose man!!! Joshua is so grown up now!

4It was really nice to hear Missionary Ridge again; I don’t even remember the last time I heard them.


 Sunday afternoon we got a few portraits – or at least portrait possibilities. :)


Such cuteness!



He’s becoming quite the good-looking young man! And he’s even at the awkward age! ;)


 Loved how these two played together when we were down!

10Pretty! And I just a bit jealous of that vest! :D

New Pictures



This one barely needed any editing. I was impressed with how well it came out – especially since it was inside in the afternoon.


We went to a nearby park for a short walk last night. I think we’re feeling the desperate need to get outside on these last few good days before winter truly hits. -_-








none needed 1

These last two didn’t get edited at all! It’s always reassuring when you get a nice run of pictures that don’t really need much or any editing. :)

none needed 2His hair cracks me up! He’s so cute and funny! And over 9 months old now! O_O

Shooting and Cuteness

I could do two posts. It would probably make more sense that way, but… I don’t wanna. So one post with two distinctly separate parts. :P

First up: Handgun practice! Y’all know how much I love photographing shooting (shooting shooting???)!


Debbie inherited a cool little, single-shot pistol that we shot a bit yesterday.











Time for the second part of the post! SO MUCH CUTENESS!!!


Before I bombard y’all with pictures of my little EIGHT MONTH OLD(!!!), here’s the adorable blue-eyed Creath baby, Patrick!

RyanLibby1RyanLibby2Ryan1My smiley dude! We are so blessed (and convicted) by this guy’s ready smile. :D


Ryan3He’s 8 months old today, and he had his first communion yesterday. Love this covenant child of ours!



Ryan6He still loves swinging!

Ryan7And making funny faces!



And especially explosions! This was his reaction to some overgrown cucumbers being dealt with. :D

Chronological Order

DSC_0517I finally got pictures of my recent acquirements! I got this one when we were on the Spirit of Peoria riverboat for Jacob and Jessica’s wedding (over 2 months ago?!). Lovely, lovely venue for a lovely wedding reception. :)


Then a couple weeks ago (when Claire was here!), we all went to the Peoria Riverfront Museum.


Pretty cool place. Ryan loved some of the exhibits. :)


Finally, on Tuesday, Sam, Ryan, Grace, and I all went to St. Louis! Grace sold one of her puppies, and we met the buyers in the Arch parking lot. We decided to do the tourist thing as long as we had to pay $6 anyway. Ryan charmed everyone.


Courtesy of Sam. Love his eye for shots.


Yep, I got the key chain before we had actually “done” the Arch. :)


DSC_0502Ryan LOVED those cramped elevators! It looks like he’s fussing in this picture, but I think he was actually laughing. His favorite was to look out the windows on the doors. Or charm the strangers we had in with us. :) He really liked looking out the city-side of the Arch as well, but we didn’t get a great picture (with the camera anyway) of that. Lighting there is terrible. :P It was a very fun trip, and we’ve decided (again) that we should take a couple days to do St. Louis properly.


It’s been over a month

I’m not sure I’ve ever gone that long without posting before. What can I say? I’m enjoying a very busy life right now. So, what’s new?

Sam and I have been married for almost a year and 7 months; I still can’t believe it’s been that long! I am so happy. :)

My baby is 7 coming up on 8 months old! 8O He’s rolling and army crawling. Pretty sure he’s going to have full-on crawling figured out by the end of the week (my busy boy is SO happy to be mobile!). His favorite thing is still swinging outside, but he’s also started enjoying the stroller. He’s got 2 teeth on the bottom, and I’m fairly certain that he’s working on one of his upper ones. He’s loving apple sauce, mashed potatoes, and bread, but he’s still mostly nursing – though you wouldn’t know that by his diapers! Probably time to start potty training in earnest now…

I’ve been dealing with a terrible bout of poison ivy for about a month and a half. It’s FINALLY looking like it might actually leave!

Some of my family has at last visited out home. It was wonderful having my parents here a couple weeks ago; they helped us finally start decorating! They also let me and Sam go on a coffee date, have lunch together, and just generally do things without the little man! Love the little guy, but it was really, really nice to have the chance to spend time with Sam without him.

One of my best friends got married this past weekend, and her wedding was SO MUCH FUN! That was the most awesome wedding party! I was thrilled to be able to be there to celebrate with them, and party after that powerhouse couple took off. :D

We brought Claire back to Illinois with us this week! I’m already enjoying having her around. We haven’t really had the chance to be sisters for over a year, so catching up is definitely in order. No definite plans for this week, but it’ll be awesome even if we don’t end up doing anything!

So, things are good – great! Not necessarily easy, thanks to our little dude, but so, so wonderful. I’m so very happy. :D


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