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Hiya! Been a while… :P My laptop’s kaput, and I’m not at all fond of posting from my iphone… However, I have Sam’s Surface for a moment, so I decided to type out a short summary of what’s been on my mind lately. :)

  • Laziness only breeds more laziness. It’s amazing what can be accomplished just by getting up and doing something, even when you don’t have any motivation at all. Speaking of, I have GOT to stop using the “but I’m a tired, nursing, new mom!” excuse for not getting anything done…
  • I hear that young love is adorable. It is, I’m sure. Most adorable, most special, and most precious in my opinion however is tried-and-true old love. Love that’s been tested and has come through the fires and trials of life only stronger. I am working hard and looking forward to that SO much!
  • Playing and cuddling with family is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS more important than a clean bathroom, a healthy meal, or washed dishes.
  • In somewhat the same vein, sometimes dessert IS more important than dinner.
  • DO NOT FORGET that your husband works hard all day too. On the days when the little guy is extra fussy I have an especially hard time remembering that Sam will come home tired from dealing with people all day. I am so, so tempted to dump Ryan in his lap, whip up a latte for myself, and go hide somewhere out of sight and sound of the boy! I try to recognize this however, and remember that Sam doesn’t like dealing with a fussy baby any more than I do, and what’s more, he’s been working hard all day long too! I am puzzled at how much harder it’s gotten for me to remember this since Ryan was born; I was able to recognize it just fine before… Oh well. Just keep trying!

In other news! LONG WEEKEND!!!!!! Oh, YEAH! :D


So, I’ve really missed some of the crazy conversations my family gets into before, during, and after family worship. Last night was full of laughter! Here’s just a sampling of what was touched on:


We didn’t do the Johns…

“Hair growing out of their ears.”

Deeply steeped in shallow theology

Fountains of baby puke

It was more like a “b” turn…

Ears like Yoda

A talking couch! How normal!

A good one… coming from somewhere deep within.

“Sunday sales?” “Old Navy’s item of the week…”


“… and about that dessert…”

More Baby Pictures

Because that’s really my life right now – at least this time they’re from the camera!

2Bath time for the baby! Nope, he doesn’t like ‘em. **Oils plug** I really like adding a couple drops of Gentle Baby to the washcloth, and the lavender works amazingly well on his cradle cap! Oh, and I’m loving the Arbonne baby soap too!

8Cozy in his fuzzy bath robe! I want one… :D

12Grumpy lil cowboy… But he’s just SO CUTE! (I think so when it’s a silent picture… :P)

18Love those moments when he’ll let me put him down. Then I find myself staring at him until I join him in sleep (or he wakes up).

28One of my favorites! :D




DSC_0070-1And by the way, being members of Samaritan Ministries is amazing. One of the members who helped us with our initial maternity need sent us this handmade (by her) quilt the other day! It’s truly a wonderful blessing to be a part of such a community of believers who help each other with their needs.


You should check these out!

Because, you know, it benefits me and mine. ;)

YoungLivingFirst of all, THIS POST you should definitely check out. It’s a great deal on the essential oil business that we’re a part of. I’m not 110% sold on these things, BUT Sam and I have had great success with clove for cold sores and infections, lavender for burns, peppermint for fevers and headaches (general aches as well), thieves blend for sore throats and coughs, and pan-away for sore muscles and headaches.


Next, Swagbucks. I’ve been doing Swagbucks for a while now, and really ramped things up after Sam and I got married. I pretty much only earn Swagbucks to turn them into Amazon gift cards, and I usually get at least $25 worth every month (yeah, yeah, the hourly rate is not too good, but I rarely order anything from Amazon that needs to be paid for with something other than these gift cards.).


Then there’s this new thing I just started today that a lot of y’all probably already do: ThredUP. I just ordered my first item today (thank you, Olivia!!!), and I’m already really looking forward to it arriving! BTW, if you search for ThredUP on the Swagbucks search engine, it’ll give you 5 Swagbucks for every dollar you spend on ThredUP. Wish I’d known that an hour ago! The Shop and Earn feature on Swagbucks is quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to earn!

Okay, I think that’s it for now. Remember, to sign up for Young Living Essential Oils, go HERE first for a cool deal. For Swagbucks, I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d sign up through my link HERE, and for ThredUP, you and I both get a $10 credit if you sign up using THIS LINK. Thank you!


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