Life has been… insane lately, but I’m finally getting around to looking through, picking out, editing, and posting a few pictures that I’ve taken since we moved! This post is sponsored by forced take-it-easy time, thanks to having my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday (a portion of life’s latest insanity), and my kids being mercifully occupied this morning by Jed and Faith. 🙂

One of the things we loved most about this house when we first looked at it, was it’s backyard. Nice outdoor space was/is really important to us, and this one came already fenced! (Though Sam and Levi did spend one evening patching various holes, making it more escape-proof, before we moved.) I also love how we’re just off one of Peoria’s main roads, yet surrounded by trees and quiet! I’m amazed at how quiet our neighborhood is!

Of course, being surrounded by trees, we have tons of leaves. Sam and Ryan have done a lot since this picture to manage them. Unfortunately, it’s now cold, so Ryan is far less eager to go outside.



She’s such an adorable, busy, little goofball.



Our living room is long and a bit narrow, so setting it up presented a challenge. I love how we’ve got it right now though. The couch is in the middle, sort of splitting it in half. We’ve left the area behind the couch fairly empty, with plenty of room for the kids to pull out the toys or to have a safer place to rough house.



Sam picked up a leaf sweeper soon after we moved. Ryan has declare it his. 😀



The kitchen, dining room, and living room creates a U shape, and I LOVE it! Everything is connected, so I can see/hear the kids while I’m working anywhere else! I also ADORE the gigantic windows in our living room and dining room; I love, love, love all the natural light!


The windows are also wonderful because I don’t mind letting Ryan go out to the back yard unaccompanied. I can easily keep an eye on him!


As can Gloriana, which she enjoys – though she would probably prefer to be out there with him. 🙂


Moving out of our apartment was crazy, but I am so, so glad we did. I love our new house and neighborhood! One day we would still like to get out of town and on more land, but this place is so perfect for our life right now!