Since my last post, we have looked at and come under contract on a house here in Peoria, and we are so excited! Of course, something could still happen to make the deal fall though, and we’re actually praying that it will if this isn’t a wise decision, but we’re hopeful and excited! Lord willing, we’ll be out of our apartment of 3.5yrs by the end of October! Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone who prayed. It’s been a stressful hunt, and we’re delighted to have found something we love so much. I can’t wait to share some pictures on here!

Having that burden lifted has helped me so much. I didn’t realize quite the strain it was putting on me. Being pregnant, I tended to blame that for every bad attitude, headache, and general exhaustion, and I know that’s still a lot of it, but the last couple days have been amazing. I certainly haven’t had the greatest of attitudes or anything, but when I get that exhausted, discouraged, unmotivated feeling, I think about being in my own home for Christmas. It makes me warm and fuzzy happy! 🙂 And it prompts me to use the time I have better (hopefully). So today, when the kids wouldn’t let me nap without destroying things and each other, I decided we needed to get outside. (CANNOT WAIT until that means walking out the back door!!!!!!!!!!) We headed to one of my favorite nearby parks. I was hoping Gloriana would just putter around and let me sit and watch them. That didn’t happen, of course, with my little climber, but we had a good time, and I pulled out my camera again.