So, I remembered the other day that I hadn’t gone through the last few pictures on my camera from our trip to TN last month. Been kinda busy since we got home. 🙂


Nerf guns are something of an obsession with him these days.


His first experience with a sprinkler. I think he liked it at first, but then decided he didn’t want to get wet.


“Helping” mix up punch for the wedding, and eating the leftover bits of cheese.

Since we’ve been home we’ve been working on getting everything ready for the baby (TWO MORE WEEKS UNTIL THE DUE DATE!!! … but I’d be okay if she decided to come tonight. lol). We got a lot of stuff done Saturday a couple weeks ago, and ever since then Ryan asks me a couple times a day or more if “baby born? Baby m’out? Doon?” Yes, soon, and yet forever. So, we’ve also been trying to stay busy. Done pretty well overall. Lots of park going, walk taking, and generally weather enjoying (SO much nicer to be at this point in the spring than in the winter!). Still, it is getting harder and harder not to be impatient. Some things have helped. I’ve found myself nesting like CRAZY lately. Feel like I’ve wiped down every surface of our main living area a dozen times in the past week. I’ve done some cooking and baking. Unfortunately we don’t really have enough freezer space to put meals away, but just knowing how awesome our family and church family is, I doubt we’ll really miss anything that much. I have really enjoyed doing so much more preparation this time around though. I think with Ryan I was so overwhelmed with… everything, that I just didn’t do hardly anything! Of course, with the way things turned out, it didn’t end up mattering too much anyway. Things are shaping up to be very different this time though, and I’m finding myself excited again! And uncomfortable and ready to be done, but definitely excited.

And now Ryan’s finally asleep, so I think I’d better go and get something done. I don’t really know what yet, but I’ll do something, and enjoy doing it without getting pulled away immediately and constantly. Never know, but this will probably be the last post until the new little one decides to show up. I can always hope anyway. 😀