I have a new laptop!!! Therefore I can post edited pictures, and easily type full sentences!



MarchApril-3Caleb kindly agreed to come up and stay with us over the weekend before Sam’s birthday a month ago. Somehow we managed to keep it a surprise from Sam, and Sam’s reaction to Caleb showing up on our doorstep at 9:30pm was PRICELESS! 😀 We had such a good time during his visit, and we’re hoping he’ll come again soon!

Enter approximately 2 week intermission, during which Mama, Daddy, Claire, and Luke came to visit (partially for the SMI board meeting). Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of that. The day they left, Ryan came down with a really awful, throw-up-every-30-minutes stomach bug. Sam and I both got milder versions of it as well; thankfully after Ryan was mostly over it.

MarchApril-4Once things started to finally get back to normal-ish (health-wise), Sam decided to scout out some local parks and lakes for potential fishing places. This was our first trip out to Charter Oaks Park. Ryan discovered a passion for throwing rocks into the water. I wouldn’t expect any less from this boy. 🙂


MarchApril-6I love this picture. Sam was so wonderful dealing with me and Ryan during this difficult month. Seeing him be so good with Ryan recently has encouraged my own mood and convicted me to be more patient with Ryan. I love them both so much!

Today we went to the park near our apartment. Ryan will love this place so much by the end of the summer!


MarchApril-8He enjoyed the swing again today! I’m so glad!



Yes, I love him. More than anything.