Can it really be 2015? Have I really been married for over 2 years?! It really doesn’t seem possible. But then again, so much of the past year has been spent day to day, just grasping at the sanity that’s just out of reach.

I feel like I’ve aged 10 years in the past 12 months… But it’s been such a wonderful, cliche year. I have been blessed and sanctified and have learned to love the insanity that life is right now. I know one day I’ll miss this time of unlimited access to cheeks for kissing.

So, what’s happened? Well, a year ago, my dear, tiny, baby boy had been baptized,so I was probably down with a fever and/or mastitis that kept me from fully enjoying the time Tricia Ann, one of my very best friends, was up to visit us. I was so sad! But nonetheless, I did get some time with her, and thinking back to it makes me so, so happy.

Then there’s months of learning our little dude. Learning how to go out with him. Learning how to make him smile, how to make him laugh, how to make him sleep… We’re still working on that last one. 😛

In March, we moved to Peoria, to the apartment complex right next to Sam’s work. I cannot begin to say how much of a blessing that has been to us! When Ryan started teething and was running a high temperature that freaked this first-time mother out, Sam was 2 minutes away. When he knew I needed an encouragement, he grabbed me coffee over his lunch break. When he gets off work, I only have to wait a few moments for his kiss. Yes, it’s very, very wonderful. Sometime in those first few months, Moose gained his nickname from a onesie that said “happy moose”. It’s stuck. I hope he won’t mind when he’s older. Lol!

More months of teething, travel (to TN and my family, primarily), and growth as a family (including, more recently, adding a dog!). I’m not going to lie… it’s been tough. We have a very active little man who knows exactly what he wants when he wants it. He’s been an extremely sanctifying blessing. I love him with everything I am, but he frustrates me like no one else too.

We attended funerals, weddings, and births in 2014. I expect 2015 to hold more of the same. My life is amazing. I am blessed.