I’m going to be very cliche here and just start listing things. There’s so many, I can never list it all, but I know there are a few things that definitely deserve a mention here. 🙂

  • Sam. First and foremost (after salvation, of course). He is so wonderful to me. To Ryan. I am so loved. I am so blessed. I love him so much!
  • Family. I am extra thankful for the wonderful relationship I have with my amazing in-laws. I am writing this from their living room, and we plan to spend the next 3 days here with them.
  • Friends. This past year has been so cool. We have been extremely blessed to strengthen our friendships with other couples from our church.
  • Ryan. It’s so weird to think that a year ago, we didn’t even know if the huge watermelon I’d swallowed was a boy or a girl! Now, after the unexpectedly difficult birth that ended in a c-section, he’s here sitting with me, wondering why all his crazy aunts and uncles (and especially dad) are screaming while playing Spot-It. 😛
  • Our home. I absolutely love our little apartment – especially it’s proximity to Sam’s work!
  • SMI. They’re so good to Sam. And it was absolutely wonderful to deal with them throughout my pregnancy and Ryan’s birth. What was originally going to cost us roughly $3000, ended up being ten times that much, and the members of SMI were amazing and truly came through for us. I am so thankful to be a part of such a ministry.
  • Working vehicles. I have come to never underestimate the blessing of running vehicles, and now, one that has heat that works really well! 😉
  • Food. Duh, right? But there’s such camaraderie surrounding food! I loved working in the kitchen today with my in-laws. We made all sorts of pies, and washed tons of dishes, but it was all so fun! I can’t wait to enjoy the labor of our hands tomorrow!
  • Church. I’m so grateful to be a part of a church that’s striving to be as God-honoring as possible in it’s worship service. I’m extra thankful for the moments of thanksgiving that happened during the serving this past week and a year ago. I look forward to this service all year long. The focus on being thankful, as opposed to critical or bored or tired, is a welcome and much-needed reminder to me.

That’s not even beginning to touch the tip of the iceberg as far as everything I’m thankful for this year, but the computer is about to run out of battery, so I guess I should close. As I think through everything about this past year, I am thankful to the point of tears. I am truly, wonderfully blessed.