DSC_0517I finally got pictures of my recent acquirements! I got this one when we were on the Spirit of Peoria riverboat for Jacob and Jessica’s wedding (over 2 months ago?!). Lovely, lovely venue for a lovely wedding reception. 🙂


Then a couple weeks ago (when Claire was here!), we all went to the Peoria Riverfront Museum.


Pretty cool place. Ryan loved some of the exhibits. 🙂


Finally, on Tuesday, Sam, Ryan, Grace, and I all went to St. Louis! Grace sold one of her puppies, and we met the buyers in the Arch parking lot. We decided to do the tourist thing as long as we had to pay $6 anyway. Ryan charmed everyone.


Courtesy of Sam. Love his eye for shots.


Yep, I got the key chain before we had actually “done” the Arch. 🙂


DSC_0502Ryan LOVED those cramped elevators! It looks like he’s fussing in this picture, but I think he was actually laughing. His favorite was to look out the windows on the doors. Or charm the strangers we had in with us. 🙂 He really liked looking out the city-side of the Arch as well, but we didn’t get a great picture (with the camera anyway) of that. Lighting there is terrible. 😛 It was a very fun trip, and we’ve decided (again) that we should take a couple days to do St. Louis properly.