Hiya! Been a while… 😛 My laptop’s kaput, and I’m not at all fond of posting from my iphone… However, I have Sam’s Surface for a moment, so I decided to type out a short summary of what’s been on my mind lately. 🙂

  • Laziness only breeds more laziness. It’s amazing what can be accomplished just by getting up and doing something, even when you don’t have any motivation at all. Speaking of, I have GOT to stop using the “but I’m a tired, nursing, new mom!” excuse for not getting anything done…
  • I hear that young love is adorable. It is, I’m sure. Most adorable, most special, and most precious in my opinion however is tried-and-true old love. Love that’s been tested and has come through the fires and trials of life only stronger. I am working hard and looking forward to that SO much!
  • Playing and cuddling with family is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS more important than a clean bathroom, a healthy meal, or washed dishes.
  • In somewhat the same vein, sometimes dessert IS more important than dinner.
  • DO NOT FORGET that your husband works hard all day too. On the days when the little guy is extra fussy I have an especially hard time remembering that Sam will come home tired from dealing with people all day. I am so, so tempted to dump Ryan in his lap, whip up a latte for myself, and go hide somewhere out of sight and sound of the boy! I try to recognize this however, and remember that Sam doesn’t like dealing with a fussy baby any more than I do, and what’s more, he’s been working hard all day long too! I am puzzled at how much harder it’s gotten for me to remember this since Ryan was born; I was able to recognize it just fine before… Oh well. Just keep trying!

In other news! LONG WEEKEND!!!!!! Oh, YEAH! 😀