Because, yes, I got lazy and didn’t tote my camera everywhere. I do have some camera pictures, but I don’t currently have my sd card with me. Perhaps, if any of those are any good (or different from these), I’ll post those another day.


Soccer. I didn’t play. Figured that was the wisest choice, with the way I tend to throw myself into things… literally.


I love this guy! I was SO happy I got to hang out with him some!


Sam and I sat in on some of the Presbytery meetings. It was very interesting; I’d never done that before.

We also did some archery, but for some reason I can’t seem to get that picture. So, here’s the link, if you’re that interested. 😉


There was a concert by the Wintons one evening.


A not insignificant portion of our time was spent at the pool tables.


I really loved the fountain there!


Pretty self-explanatory.


One afternoon many of the ladies, girls, and children attended a women’s panel discussion. It was VERY good, and I was just sorry it wasn’t recorded for those who were unable to attend.


I got to hold the Monkey Man during the discussion, and, poor guy, he fell asleep in  my lap. Turns out he was sick. 😦 I sure hope he’s doing better now, and that no one else got it!


“Put put” … Or something…


See? Pretty fountain.


Love these guys! So glad they came to the Evans’ after Presbytery!


A game I’d never played before called “I have never.” I had to stop playing it for the same reason I didn’t play soccer… 😛


We had to wear wristbands the whole time we were there, or we couldn’t eat! (Wait… would that’ve been a bad thing? – Camp food…) I was surprised mine lasted the whole time, and I was not at all sorry to take it off once we were on the way home!


Oh, yes! 😀

To give you a quick peak into my mind’s eye during this year’s Presbytery: I was constantly comparing it to last year’s. My friends, NEVER underestimate the changes that one year can hold! Had you told me a year ago that I’d be 5 months married, and nearly 3 months pregnant, this year, I think I would have laughed in your face. SO. MANY. CHANGES! Excellent, wonderful changes. Just don’t underestimate a year!