Sunday morning brought the sad news that one of the young heifer calves had fallen/been pushed over into the mud to the point where she was unable to get up. Apparently she had been there most of the night, and by the time Kyle found her, it was too late. 😦 It did give me an opportunity to do some more farm photography though.


I find that I miss the challenge of trying to get good pictures of the cows. 😛



Cute Trapper. He’s incredibly loyal, and was rather uncertain about my and Sam’s presence on the farm. Poor fellow decided to run off Sunday night, so, once he returned early Monday morning, it was decided to “fix” him.

After worship we were blessed to be able to witness Kaylee Marie Draper’s baptism. I was so happy we got to be there! The baptism gave me a good excuse to pull out my camera and get pictures of Heritage people too. I miss these people so much!


Exhortation to the parents and congregation.


“In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” I love how R-19 still made it into this picture! 😀



It’s not the best picture like this that I got, but I loved everything that was going on – especially Rachel’s beautiful smile. 🙂


Beautiful sisters who (whom?) I miss very, very much!


Titus has the best laugh EVER!



This boy has an adorable grin that’s absolutely chock full of mischief.



So cute!


This is definitely one of my favorite pictures from the trip. It’s not one of the best, but the joy on the faces makes me so incredibly happy!


Elisha was so much happier and more interactive than I’d ever seen him!

After the baptism we changed out of our church clothes and headed out for some outdoor fun, but that’ll be the next post. 😉