Friday morning started by hauling off a load of scrap metal. But first Daniel had to get Kyle unstuck. Remember that.


Marriage has come with so many blessings I can’t even begin to describe it, but one of the blessings I’ve really enjoyed is getting to hang out with my husband’s cool friends more often! It’s been totally awesome.


The load of scrap we hauled off had springs in it. I liked the springs. 😀


Unloading the metallic objects. I’d hate to be the guys who had to sort everything after we left…


It may have been snowing outside, but that didn’t stop us from getting ice cream!

When we got home, Mama trimmed my hair, and Grammy and Aunt Carol came over for dinner. Of course we played games too: Forehead and Nines. It was good to play games with my family again. 🙂