Talk about a weird Christmas for me! I was so torn between wanting to photographically capture and remember every moment of my last Christmas as a Bradshaw, and soaking up every minute with my family. Looking through my pictures, it would seem the latter option was generally what I chose. 🙂 The few pictures I have star various Christmas trees and Luke.

ChristmasTree1The cedar that Daddy and Luke harvested from our property.


Oh, yeah. Luke was thrilled.


Trapper – unless his name has changed since I left…

ChristmasTree2I think I probably say it every year, but Grammy Evelyn always has the prettiest tree!


And, because I miss him, here’s another picture of my bro.


One final tree shot, and I’ll call this Christmas post done. Christmas, in our house, was rather overshadowed by a wedding this year. Oops… 😛