The weekend started Friday for me, for that was when the Evans’ arrived! To say I was happy would be an understatement. 😀 Sam and I went to town as soon as they got in and got our marriage license. One step closer…


It was kind of rainy and muddy all weekend, but it was still beautiful. It didn’t get cold until Monday!

New Cow

On Saturday, Claire, Kyle, Jacob, and Grace went to Spring Hill and bought a cow and calf. We still haven’t renamed them, but we’re working on it. It’s always exciting to get additions to the dairy herd.

New Calf

Such an adorable little calf!

Music_ 12-9-12

Sunday morning was worship and lunch. Afterwards there was an absolutely wonderful bridal tea, hosted by the Stouffers (thank y’all SO, SO MUCH!!!!!). I don’t have any pictures of that, unfortunately, but I loved it!!!! It was so nice. That evening, the instruments got pulled out, songs were sung, and thank you notes were written (yep, that’s what I’m doing in that picture.). It was a wonderful evening!

Unfortunately, the Evans had to leave Monday morning. 😦 But it’s not too bad this time; we’re headed up to their place Thursday!!! I can’t wait! 😀