Sometimes that gets in the way of this other little thing called a blog…

So, quick-ish recap of life:

Thanksgiving at Uncle Craig’s. Grammy with the grandkids. Please excuse any pictures of me. I was thoroughly exhausted (happy, but exhausted), and having an epically bad hair day. 😛

Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Craig, Daddy, Mama

I was so happy to have Sam there with us!!! I know he was missed back in IL, but I’m so grateful they gave him up this year.

Then on Saturday Claire, Kyle, Sam, and I went down to GA for the day. It was freezing, but we played frisbee tournaments anyway! It was a lot of fun. Photo credit goes to Claire on these; I was on the field. 🙂

Then we had to leave. 😦 But we’re REALLY looking forward to getting together again next month! 🙂

Yesterday afternoon we went bowling with the Bianchis! It was a lot of fun – even though I failed astonishingly on my first game (I tripled my score on the next one though! – yeah, I was that bad.).

Kyle did really enjoy himself. Really…

Tell you what, we were sty-lin’!

And that gets this blog caught up. Of course, wedding preparations are well underway, but I don’t really have pictures of that. Things are falling into place though, so it’s all good. 🙂