Saturday, October 20, the main day for the Reformation celebration, dawned bright and early for many of the folks at Providence. The weather didn’t permit the wall to be assembled and put up the day before, so it was done that morning.

Pastor McDonald, checking the progress of the wall and town assembly.

Eventually everything was put together and the day was underway. For me, this meant there was a lot of people-watching and picture-taking as I meandered my way through the crowd, going from one group of people I sort of knew to another. It was fun. 🙂

See, Jed? Gotcha! 😉 (He was hiding and running from me whenever I had my camera out, so he, unintentionally, I think, turned it into a challenge for me!)

Jael. Isn’t she absolutely adorable?! I think she stole the show in all her cuteness!

I love this picture. Jonas standing in the midst of wise men. It also shows Mr. Evans’ parenting – which I, for one, know to be quite excellent. 😉

The rest of my afternoon was spent in the kitchen and looked more or less like this, so I didn’t get my camera out a whole lot. We had a ton of fun! “Midnight…” 😀