Today I am thinking about how completely amazing my life is. On Sunday afternoon, I was part of the effort to pull off the feast I was researching a couple weeks ago. That was so much fun, and I already want to do it again! That feast has been almost everything I’ve been able to think about lately though, and I’m only just beginning to realize that I need to reengage here at home. About the only other thing I’ve contemplated recently has been The Morning Center’s fight for first place in Cultivate Wines’ Give competition. I believe I’ve voted every day so far; have you?

Sometime this week it occurred to me to merge these two primary occupants of my thoughts. I thought about how thankful I was that the parents of each of the feast participants chose life, and I thought about how sad it was that so many do no have the chance to work and laugh with friends and eat fine foods. Never see or feel the beauty of pure friendship.

My heart breaks continually for the little ones who do not get the chance to even struggle for that first breath, for these helpless babies who are brutally murdered every day. They will never get the chance to have a loving family or even a chance for life at all. No dancing, smiling, laughing, sight-seeing, eating, singing, playing, or any of the good things are in their future. Does that not break your heart as well?

Thankfully we can work a change. If we each add our voice (and our vote! See the link above!) to the ever-growing outcry against abortion, we can rid our states, countries, and eventually even world (Think BIG, people!) of this abomination! Please, let’s be the voice of the voiceless! There are few things as beautiful as the smile of a child; let us add our voices, votes, time, and money to seeing more of those precious smiles. Join me in voting for The Morning Center everyday until the end of the competition (let’s put it in first place!!!), and vowing never to vote for any politician who has a weak and/or wrong stance on the murder of the unborn!