I love to serve. I’m at my best when I can get in there and do something, but there are times when that’s not possible, not the most helpful, or practical. For example, anything medical-relate. If there’s one thing that I believe is truly needed in our world right now, it’s The Morning Center. Unfortunately I can’t offer my services in any hands-on way there. Not only am I too far away and completely unqualified, but there’s a very real chance that I’d pass out should I have to do anything with needles and people…

Thankfully, for folks like me, there is a real way to help! Cultivate Wines give away $100,000 quarterly to 6 selected charities. Here’s how their website describes the process:

Cultivate is giving away another $100,000! Your votes will decide where the money will go. First place will receive a $50,000 grant, and the next five runners up will receive $10,000 each! To vote for a cause, click on its headline, and then click the blue “vote for this” button. You can vote once per day.

Well, this time The Morning Center was selected as one of the charities up for votes! Voting started today. Please let me encourage you to vote for this cause.

Spread the word, let’s do this!