The key chain that has it all! Characters, park icons, and year – not to mention the characters spin. 🙂


Pirates of the Caribbean

You can see why I was so disappointed with Hollywood Studios… There was such potential for cool key chains, but the only one I could find that was even remotely related to Hollywood Studios I found in Downtown Disney and was more of a plastic children’s toy. :/

The Tower of Terror had a pretty cool key chain.

It’s big, plastic, and feels exactly like the old hotel room key chains. Very clever.

Again, self-explanatory. Boy, that bread pudding was good!

Rather obvious.

Expedition Everest. Could’ve been better, but it’s still better than Hollywood Studio’s – at least the chain and ring are metal!

I like Epcot’s a lot, but the bar keeps coming out. Gonna have to glue it before I put it in a display. I might want to actually use it someday!

I think this was my least expensive key chain of the trip; I got it in Germany before I found the previous one. I bought it primarily because I was afraid Epcot would be like Hollywood Studios and not have a good key chain.

Norway in Epcot’s World Showcase! I was disappointed France didn’t have a key chain that said Epcot (plenty said Paris, France, but we didn’t go to Paris! Frustrating… ;)).

See? Aren’t those characters from Brave?

And last, and most expensive, Cirque Du Soleil’s La Nouba. It’s got a curtain acrobat in that little circle!