It was our last day. 😦

We spent our time at Epcot again, doing a much better job than the day before. Our first stop was, of course, Sum of all Thrills; the others finally saw the awesomeness that Claire and I knew it was. I rode it 4 times that morning. There was practically no line most of the time! LOVE IT!

Then Spaceship Earth. It was rather odd having Judi Dench narrate world history (aka propaganda, but I digress…). Still, we couldn’t very well do Epcot, and have to come home saying we didn’t do what was inside the iconic ball!

The HP’s Lounge and Mission Space again. That one’s still not a favorite of mine – leaves my head feeling odd… Oh, and Daddy recommends coke before the ride rather than coffee. 😉

Then it was on to the World Showcase again. We took our time through that this time, and it was so much better! In Norway (okay, you people who have seen Brave, is that set in Norway??? I thought it was Scotland, but there was Brave stuff everywhere in Norway…), we ate an early lunch and rode Maelstrom –  which was weird.

Then we tried to go to Reflections of China in circle-vision, but they were experiencing “probrems” … So we walked through the museum, and moved on.

The next the we did was Impressions of France. That was beautiful.

We spent a few minutes in the UK too. We grabbed a late lunch (I like this early lunch followed by a late lunch and then dinner thing!) of fish and chips, sauntered through various shops, and enjoyed the English garden.

Then O’ Canada in circle-vision (hosted by Martin Short). I decided I don’t like circle-vision; I want to see everything at once too much.

Eventually it was time to head to Downtown Disney and Cirque Du Soleil! The show was La Nouba, which you can get a glimpse of here. It was a strange and fascinating show, but breathtakingly expensive at every turn (programs were $15!!! We didn’t get one…). I am very glad I was given the opportunity to go! My favorite parts were definitely Diablolos and Aerial Ballet in Silk (the act that originally captivated me so many years ago! I’m trying to figure out where we can rig up our own curtains to play in. ;)).

Then back to our home away from home, where were busied ourselves with cleaning, packing, and preparing to leave bright and early the next day. We managed to get loaded up, in the car, and on our way home before 8am Orlando time! We hit Starbucks before getting very far, then we were off! After various stops for bathrooms, coffee, bathrooms, lunch, bathrooms, and dinner, we made it home shortly after 8pm our time! We got everything mostly unloaded, praised God for an amazing trip and traveling mercies, and fell blissfully into our own beds.

Most of the way home I was trying to figure out how we can go back next year (or the year after…). I haven’t quite ironed out all the wrinkles, so if anyone knows of a way I can earn some significant money in the coming months… While Disney World was amazing and fantastic and wonderful, it was painfully expensive. I come back a much poorer person, and I didn’t get all the souvenirs I was hoping to – only key chains! 😛

Speaking of key chains, I hope to get my souvenir post up shortly – ’cause I know y’all are just dying to see my finds. 😉