Proof of attendance. 😉 I got all of 2 pictures Sunday, and the other one was through the car window…

This morning we headed to Epcot! The map of Epcot, for your reference.

We got there before it opened. Love doing that!

Our first stop was Soarin’. It was a really cool ride, but we were rather surprised that it wasn’t in 4D! Still cool though.

Since we were in the building, our next attraction was Living with the Land. Interesting… Gave us some things to think about – and, of course, wonder how much they have in PVC!

Then over to the next building for an aquarium experience.

“Bubbles? Bubbles… my bubbles!”

Moray eel


We went to Turtle Talk with Crush, which was very good.

And then, after looking a the fish, stingray, sharks, and dolphins for a few more minutes, we headed over to Sum of all Thrills! AMAZING! Loved it! But you have to do it right. Claire and I did it right. The others didn’t, so they aren’t nearly so enthusiastic about it. We went as fast and as wild as we could just about the whole track. It was awesome!

From there, it was over to Mission Space where we enjoyed the comforts (aka, private-ish bathrooms and complementary drinks – mochaespresso!) of the HP Red Planet Lounge. Ah, the perks of Daddy being an HP employee! 😀

After Mission Space, the World Showcase was open. We meandered through Canada and Great Britain, and finally decided to have lunch at Les Chefs de France. We ordered too much food, but the lobster bisque, salmon fillet, and macaroni and cheese were really good. Some of the other stuff was actually a little disappointing. For dessert we got strawberry cream cake and creme brulee.

The salmon was my pick from the menu. It was grilled, I think, and crusted to perfection! Served on “smashed potatoes” with a tomato and red pepper sauce. I was actually hoping for a bit more… something from the sauce, but it was still good.

While our table was being cleared from lunch and our dessert menus were being handed out, we had the privilege of meeting this “very famous person.” He was fun and fit the part perfectly!

Armand pushed the cart that brought us up close and personal with Remy! He decided he couldn’t come home with us because of our dogs and cats. He was okay with the cows and chickens though.

We were SO full after lunch, but we walked on through this country and that. We happened upon The American Adventure right as it was about to start, so we went in. It was a cool, dark, theater-seated, 35-minute show that was wonderful for digestion. 😉

We went home for a short rest and dinner before I’d had nearly my fill of all the countries, but I did get my final key chains – though I wouldn’t mind a Florida one.

In the evening, we headed to Magic Kingdom! We got there about an hour early and the crowd was already ridiculous! Mama and Daddy claimed a table at the Sleepy Hollow restaurant in Liberty Square, and we kids ran to do Space Mountain one last time. The wait said 35 minutes, and it was probably about that. But we got on a different track than we have … ever, I think, and the ride was totally different, and, in my opinion, even more enjoyable!

The electrical parade was fun, but very, very, very crowded.

After the parade we quickly made our way to the parking lot, getting there about the time the fireworks started. We watched them from our car, and I took lots of pictures, desperately wishing I’d stuck my zoom lens in (for them and the parade!).

It was an amazing display; I’m very glad we got to see it!

And today is our last day in the parks. Sad, no? yes? I don’t know! I’d love to stay longer, but I long to be home. I’m disappointed our day ends early, but totally excited about seeing Cirque Du Soleil. Conflicted in every way! But now, we’re off to Epcot again, I believe!