Why, yes, this post is up awfully early! We’re exhausted, the crowds were way up, and tomorrow’s Sunday (with an hour-long commute to the church, I think). Today we hit Hollywood Studios again (to make-up and re-do) and Downtown Disney – here’s that map.

On our way to Hollywood Studios we passed this car. Yes, that plate says “PICKLE.”

Today Hollywood Studios had an “extra magic hour” at 8am (where on Disney property folks get into the park before the rest of us regular people). So, it was crowded even though we got there a good half hour before we could even get in. It was also hot. 😛

Hollywood Studio’s iconic Mickey hat. He wears it in Fantasmic and Sorcerer’s Apprentice (which I haven’t seen). Anyway, we immediately went to the Toy Story ride, where we waited in line for 20 to 25 minutes. Still pretty good for being our longest wait time! Then we went to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster; that ride is SO awesome! Then Mama, Daddy, Claire, and Kyle rode the Tower of Terror again. Luke didn’t want to, so I stayed back with him. Again, it was hot.

When we got to Hollywood Studios they gave us a times guide. We were rather upset to find that the show we really wanted to catch wasn’t even starting until 1:20pm. So, after re-riding the Studios’ best rides, we headed to Downtown Disney.

At Downtown we walked all the way down Cirque Du Soleil – a Disney Emporium store was down there. They didn’t have a Hollywood Studios key chain either… However, ticket prices to Cirque du Soleil were better than we thought, and Mama, Claire, and I are, Lord willing, going on my birthday!!!! I’m SO excited; I’ve wanted to see that live ever since I decided being in it was impossible – practically since I can remember!

After getting tickets, we ate a large and delicious lunch (with incredible bread pudding for dessert) at Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant. It was REALLY good! I got a key chain. 😀

Then we rushed back over to Hollywood Studios and managed to get to Lights, Motors, Action before too much had happened. It was an impressive show!

I’ve decided Daniel needs to be a stunt driver, okay? That would be really cool!

After the show it was back to Downtown Disney to hit a couple more shops. One of them had a key chain-like item that, since it somewhat reference Hollywood Studios, I was “forced” into getting. I’m not overly pleased with it, but it’ll do, I suppose. Anyway, we passed the Lego store (it was so crowded we couldn’t really check it out.). This sea monster statue is made of legos – which I thought was pretty cool.

Our last stop (except for Walmart for food…) of the day: Babycakes. Claire was thrilled to be able to have a doughnut again. 🙂