Today was spent at Animal Kingdom. It is SO much better than it was 11 years ago! Go figure.

Here’s the map for Animal Kingdom.

First objective of the day: Beaverdam Creek Farm picture!!! Yep, today was our BCF t-shirt day. I had mine on as well, but, of course, I was behind the camera. Mama thought she had packed hers, but once we got here, she discovered that it wasn’t in her bag.

Definitely Animal Kingdom’s most AWESOME ride! We rode it 4 times, and we would have done more in a heartbeat. We even bought a picture from this ride! We liked it so much, I decided I had to get a dedicated key chain. Unfortunately, they only had Yeti key chains that looked like the Abominable Snowman from Rudolph; I still bought one.

Another pretty awesome ride. We got quite wet. As did my camera bag, but thankfully it didn’t seep into the inner compartment.

The Jungle Trek was right outside the exit of the Rapids, so that was next!

I really liked the bats area. Those are some huge bats!

The birds at the end of the Jungle Trek were also fascinating. This huge bird is a pigeon!

The Nemo show was okay.

This was like a fair ride; I enjoyed it.

I don’t even know what to say about this one. It was okay… I guess…

This show had been changed up some in the last 11 years, but it was still good.

Look who we met up with at the Bug’s Life show!!! Meeting up with this delightful family from back home (how often does that happen?!) was definitely a highlight of our day!

Flights of Wonder was a very interesting show. I’ve always been interesting in falconry, and I’ve always wanted a job like the cast members working this attraction have.

The Lion King show was neat. I love the songs in that movie! Our favorite part though was the acrobat “monkeys.”

I gotta say, I loved the safari. I think I appreciated it more this time than I did 11 years ago, but I also think we saw more animals, which, of course, helps. 🙂

Because I liked the safari so much, y’all get several of my favorite pictures from it! 😉 This is a black rhino.

The pelicans were one of my favorite parts of the safari. I wish our guide had spoken about them a bit more.

This might have been the largest antelope in the world. Not exactly sure, but I’m always fascinated by those twisty horns. 🙂

Elephants! I want to hear them trumpet sometime!

White rhino. Our guide needed a bumper sticker that said “I brake for rhinos”…

Cheetahs! Apparently they never run in the park. I’d like to see that sometime too.

Sleepy, young, male lion.


Well, look who we bumped into again (intentionally) shortly before the park closed! Poor folks, they were soaked! We mooched helped them use up some extra snack credit thingamies they got with a meal plan. Now I know Animal Kingdom makes very decent iced mochas. I’m not sure this is a good thing. 😛

We went our separate ways at the gate. We came on back to our house where Daddy fixed us up with a delicious dinner of pan-seared scallops, brown rice, and asparagus. It was all very good and perfect for vacation!

Oh, and it took me almost all day, but I did find an Animal Kingdom key chain! I know y’all were just on the edge of your seats to make sure of that. 😀