Shall I just jump right in? In way of a warning, this post will be very long with tons of pictures – I tried to get a picture of every attraction we did. I didn’t quite succeed, but I did pretty good. Oh, and here’s a map of Magic Kingdom for reference.

“We’re here!” Luke was so excited!

Day 1 was devoted to the Magic Kingdom.

We arrived just in time to watch the park open! Lots of singing and dancing from the characters and cast members; very fun start to an amazing day!

It was still so hard to believe we were actually there! (Not the best picture, but I loved the cast member’s face!)

We went directly to Tomorrowland. While the rest of the park was also fun, this was probably our favorite area.

First ride of the day? Buzz Lightyear, duh! This was Kyle’s all-time favorite ride when we came 11 or so years ago, and it remains a favorite! It is definitely a good ride, and Kyle’s way of doing it hasn’t changed one bit! It was hilarious to remember the ride picture from 11 years ago, and see it practically the same yesterday!

At this point my camera decides to go crazy, so I didn’t get a picture of Kyle and Luke posing with Chip and Dale (apropos, no?) or of Space Mountain. A shame since that was my favorite – and Mama’s!. After swapping memory cards, things seemed to start working fine. Still not sure what the problem was/is.

From Tomorrowland, we made our way to Fantayland where, I believe, our first ride was Dumbo (thinking of you, Olivia!!!). Claire had to explain to Daddy how to operate it. Daddy said theirs didn’t work. 😉

Token cheesy self-portrait.

Then we hopped on Barnstormer since it was right next to Dumbo. Very short right that had very hard seats, but at least it was fast. 😀

Then Peter Pan,

and It’s A Small World. Thankfully the song didn’t get too stuck in my head this time!

Then the Pooh ride. It was the only one where we really needed and used our Fast Passes, and even then the line was moving fairly quickly.

Mickey’s PhilharMagic was our first show and Daddy’s favorite attraction from the day.

I was in 4D (got sprinkled with water at one point), and was the best 3D production I’ve seen yet.

After the show we went through Cinderella’s Castle (Can you say underwhelming? – even more so than last time; at least there was an armory of sorts to look through then!), and headed to Liberty Square.

The Haunted Mansion was one of the more memorable attractions from our last trip (for me, anyway), but I didn’t find it so amazing this time. Daddy says our technology expectations have increased too much. 🙂

Then we hopped aboard the Liberty Belle river boat. There isn’t a whole lot to do in Liberty Square if you don’t want to spend money on food, so we headed to Frontierland once we got to shore.

Unfortunately Country Bear Jamboree is close for the time being, Splash Mountain was close indefinitely when we got there, so Big Thunder mountain was the only ride we did in Frontierland then. And I didn’t get a picture of it.

So on to Adventureland. We did the Jungle Cruise first. Corny and somewhat lame, but we got to sit. 🙂

After Jungle Cruise, I believe we did the Enchanted Tiki Room. Also lame, but we got to sit down again and it was cool and dark. We recommend, if you’re going to do it, sit in the back. We got front row seats, and that was hard on our necks.

Then we did the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. I think Luke enjoyed it, but again, if I’m remembering it correctly, it was even more disappointed than last time for me. I believe they had water going last time – not this time. Oh well.

Then we sat down in a shaded area, refilled our water bottles, and Daddy went to Aloha Isle and got us some delicious pineapple stuff. Not sure what it was called, but my! it was good!!!

Next was Pirates! I also found this ride disappointing. I understand they had to change it up since the movies came out and all, but I wish they hadn’t. I enjoyed it more the way it was before. But, I got a key chain here. It was the only ride key chain I saw.

Can anyone see anything unusual here?

From Pirates we headed back to Main Street and caught the Celebrate Parade. Daddy didn’t care for it, but I thought it was fun. It’s a very Disney experience, and I’m glad we saw it!

There were lots of characters and cast members singing and dancing both on the street and on floats. Several characters on the street came up to Luke (and Chip and Dale each gave me a hi five :D).

Mr. Smee and Luke. I don’t think Luke really knew what to do.

It took some research, but I think I found out that this character’s name is Beatrice. Other characters also came up to Luke, but I didn’t get their pictures.

At this point we’d done the majority of the rides in each of the areas in Magic Kingdom, so we circled our way back around… sort of.

Stitch’s Great Escape is in Tomorrowland. We thought this was lame in the extreme, and don’t recommend it at all.

Then back to Fantasyland to catch the Teacups! They were down on our first walk through.

Splash Mountain was back up and running, so we went all the way from Fantasyland to Frontierland to catch a favorite!

And back to Main Street where a walk through the Emporium (and losing various family members in that huge store) finished our day. Daddy didn’t buy those socks.

We stayed in the park from 9am to about 6:30pm. It was hot and exhausting, but extremely fun. We picked up fish and chips and gyros on our way home, and pretty much crashed after determining a plan for today: Hollywood Studios in the afternoon and evening! We really want to catch an evening show, and Hollywood Studios supposedly has one of the best!

Best tips:

  • Research! That’s how we knew about the Aloha Isle amazingness!
  • Drink mixes. We had lemonade packets that we poured into our refilled water bottles. The fountain water in Orlando tastes nasty, and the drink mixes masked that brilliantly! Saved us a ton of money on in-park drinks.
  • The Lines app from (or something like that) was great. We used it several times, and that’s how we knew Splash Mountain was finally back up and running. I had it on my iPod, and wi-fi is prevalent enough there (in Magic Kingdom, at least) to let it refresh when we needed it to.

We brought lunch to the park and ate at a vacant table. The only food items we bought were the Dole things at Aloha Isle. Daddy, Kyle, and Luke bought hats. Mama bought pins, and I got two key chains. I don’t think Claire came away with any souvenirs.