Mr. Post, this one’s for you! 😉

Missionary Ridge had a gig at the Wilson County Fair last night, and Luke and I went along for the fun! We’d heard that it’s the best around (even better than the state fair, according to some!), and it was delightful! I hope they’re able to get that gig again next year – and that we get there much earlier. We didn’t have near enough time to do everything!

The things you see at fairs…

A very large “robot” came up blaring extremely loud music, and, as far as I can tell, was only there for photo ops. Luke didn’t want his picture taken with it though.

After walking around a bit (searching high and low for the bathrooms for Luke), Luke and I headed back to the stage where Claire and Kyle we about to go on.

A lovely family, with an adorable, dancing little girl enjoying Missionary Ridge!

One of Missionary Ridge’s strongest points: twin fiddling!

More cuteness dancing to the music!

Weird angle… Sorry ’bout that, but when you catch the guitar player peeking out of the darkness that is that corner of the stage, you’ve just got to take the opportunity! 😉

Not very good… My camera does not do well in low light situations! Or more likely, I don’t know how to use it in low light situations. Anyway, after watching MR’s first set, Luke and I headed to the midway. We rode several rides, were cheated out of $25 (if someone says “this one’s on me,” don’t believe them, most likely they’ll make you pay once you’ve obtained the cheesy prize. Just sayin’.), got a red velvet funnel cake (those things get my stamp of approval!) and some unusual soda – nothing too special, but not your run of the mill stuff either (not sure it was worth what we paid for it, but anyway…).

There was a man there doing very lovely, small glass work. Once the sun went down, that booth sort of shimmered! It was quite pretty.

The night ended with fireworks, and then we headed home. It was close to 1am once we got home, but it was a fun trip. Like I said, hopefully next year, if they get the gig again, we’ll be able to go earlier.

Things I learned at the fair:

  • Don’t be surprised by strange things.
  • Be prepared to spend way more than you originally think.
  • Wear very comfortable shoes.
  • Hope you don’t have to ride the ferris wheel with some random couple who insists on far too much PDA in the line and on the ride. Contrary to what some of them seemed to thing, the ferris wheel was not invented for their making out pleasure.
  • Let your hair down and allow yourself to enjoy everything (I’m learning to apply this principle to more than just fairs and fun times).