Sometimes I find things encouraging, and I want to share them here for several reasons – not the least of which so they’ll be there when I need them again. Often I can point to the exact portion of the article/podcast/etc. that was particularly encouraging to me. This time I can’t really. I found the whole piece to be a good reminder, but if I absolutely had to choose the especially poignant parts, I’d point to the end:

To all of you, married and unmarried alike, may you learn the art of listening to the Father. May the experiences in your life, be they good, bad or ugly, lead you to the foot of the cross. To Him who is faithful and good.

… there was no reason to doubt His power or question His timing. And that applies to more than just finding a husband.

~ The Man I Married, Natasha Metzler, YLCF

Now please, nobody read into this that I’m anxious for whatever the next stage in my life may be. I’m not. Truly. I’m still constantly amazed at my life as it is right now; I’m marvelously content – only occasionally succumbing to those twinges of doubt or fear or questioning when yet another friend falls. 😉 No, this article was just a delightful, encouraging reminder of something that I constantly need reminding: Listen to and trust God with all my being.