It was absolutely gorgeous out this evening! I discovered that as I walked Sally, so I finished with her asap, grabbed my camera, and headed out to enjoy rest of the swiftly fading daylight. I took my close-up lenses with me. I used those on most of these pictures. 🙂

Near the road there was a lovely little clump of honeysuckle that was just at it’s peak.

Isn’t it lovely?! With the rain we’ve had this week (PRAISE THE LORD!!!) things are starting to green up again!

I think mimosa blossoms are beautiful in a wonderfully exotic sort of way. I don’t remember ever noticing them before we moved to Viola, but there I certainly noticed the large, pink, feathery blossoms on the way to McMinnville!

Lots of these this year. I’ve decided that they’re probably ebony jewelwings.

And I’ll leave y’all with a picture of the swing at one of the nearby swimming holes.