We had a wonderful experience at a Cool Springs Starbucks this afternoon! It was just a quick, drive-thru stop on our way home. I ordered a mocha latte, and Luke got the cookie crumble frappe. When we got to the window, the lady leaned out and chatted with us until our drinks were ready. She’s from South Africa (cool points automatically go up with cool accents, you know.), so she told us about how that’s an arid country – comparing it to our current conditions here in middle Tennessee – and how they grow a lot of fruits over there. Then she said that every year the churches over there (at this point we’re all in delighted shock!) would pray for rain, and how we needed to be doing that here now. We said we definitely were, and we certainly would continue to do so.

So that was our neat experience. How often do you run across anyone willing to just pass the time of day with you? Now tell me how often you find that sort of person at drive-thru windows? NOW tell me how often you find a Christian person willing to pass the time of day at drive-thru windows from South Africa? Yeah, pretty rare, I’d say. I personally found it very refreshing and delightful! 🙂

Oh, and by the way, we’ve had rain the past couple of days! Praise the Lord!!!