I just finished watching the series “Lark Rise to Candleford” today. LOVED it. Sort of. I have mixed feelings on several points, but all in all I did really like it. Here’s what I’m thinking though (for all those who haven’t seen this, the following won’t make any sense. Bear with me please.): I’d tend to think I’m a Dorcas Lane – in a sense, but all the while knowing that I’m really a Laura Timmins. Then it strikes me, I’m really a Minnie! Not sure how I feel about that. You see, I like to think I’m wise and helpful – like Miss Lane. As I think that however, there’s a sort of behind the scenes thought that I’m actually Laura Timmins – less wise, more impetuous and confused, loyal and “buttoned-up.” While I was thinking about it the other day though, it occurred to me that I truly a much more like Minnie – simple, awkward, nervously worried about pleasing everyone, happy. Rather humbling. I’d still rather be Miss Lane. 😉

Okay, enough of that. Here’s a brief overview of the past few days/week:

  • Fourth of July was spent with Daddy’s family in the morning and early afternoon and with several families from church in the evening. Caleb blessed us with a spectacular fireworks show! One of the best I’ve ever seen – even when I’ve seen city displays. I was too busy enjoying myself to get many pictures.
  • Thursday evening I went into Nashville with Kaliste, and we met up with a few others to go to the Trinity College Choir (from Cambridge) concert at First Baptist Church. It. Was. Amazing! I just wish I’d had a chance to talk to some of the choir members.
  • Yesterday we had RAIN! I was so wonderful, even if it did only last a few minutes. Some humidity is back, and, oddly enough, I find myself thankful for that. 🙂 I will say though, it makes getting outdoor pictures more challenging… Anyway, along with the rain came wind. We had a tree blow over and crush the back section of the pole barn/RV shed and break a few boards in the cattle handling area. Daddy, Kyle, and Luke, along with a couple friends, removed the tree today.
  • Today I used up the last of our fresh peaches on a couple of fresh peach pies. That pie is truly the most amazing, most delicious, best ever, etc. etc. etc. pie EVER!

And now the close-up lenses. I think I mentioned that I’d gotten some in one of my last posts. Well, I finally got a chance to take them out and play with them for a little while. They definitely work for what they are. However, they don’t work for how I was hoping to use them.

That needs explaining… I was hoping to use them as a sort of extension for my small telephoto lens; that doesn’t work. However, they work quite well for macro photography:

I’ve noticed that the close-up lenses have a very narrow depth of focus (if that’s the term I’m trying to come up with…), so I have a theory that they’d work possibly better on a fixed lens. I also read that they work better on manual focus. I think that’s probably true, but I’m not better on manual focus. I’m working on it though. Last time I went out and tried I didn’t get one decent-enough picture to post here; today I got two! 🙂 But now I must end; I’ve been working on this too long already.