I’ll try to let the pictures speak for themselves for the most part. When I asked to be a part of their trip, Daddy warned me that “it’ll be an interesting day…” I don’t really think he fully understood just how interesting at the time. 😉

Preparing to leave…

… I took pictures of birds while I waited on the menfolk.

We arrived at our destination! It’s beautiful over there where we went.

Yep, we were in the market for a new-to-us tractor!


Once the tire was patched, Kyle took it for a spin, and decided it was great!

So Daddy backed the trailer up to a bank, and they loaded it up.

Or at least they tried to…

Damage assessment and clean up. We decided to come back for the tractor at another time with a bigger, better trailer. We’re very thankful to God for His mercy and protection. This could have been very bad, but no one was hurt. Praise the Lord!

The folks we bought the tractor from gave us the name of a man in their area who probably had a part that we needed to repair our baler.

The man had a bunch of old equipment, so, while the others were looking for the part, I took pictures. 🙂

And this was just one little section!

They didn’t find exactly the part that was needed, but they found a couple things that will probably work.

Believe it or not, I limited myself to only this many pictures; there were several more that I really wanted to post. 😉

The sequel to this story, I’m afraid, cannot be told by me, so it will probably not get told here. However, you may assume that it “ends” (it’s really only the beginning when a new piece of equipment joins the farm workforce.) well. That is what I am doing anyway, since we have this tractor now on our property. It is in need of a new tire (see image5 above), but I believe that is being arranged tomorrow.