More playground time!

I don’t know these guys, but the rope swing they rigged was really cool! I think I’d give it a try if I thought there was any way I could get up there.

It drew quite a crowd of spectators!

There was a younger kids dance; I think the 12+ dance is this evening.

Pretty girls.

More fellowship/mingling.

Heh, love him.

We actually got to eat in the dining hall last night. It was the free pizza night, and it left me rather wishing we’d eaten every meal over there. Love the fellowship around food. Oh, well. Our food’s been good too.

I stopped lugging my camera around after dinner, but the night didn’t end until … I don’t know, 11:45 or so. Volleyball was, again, the game of choice for me, but on the other side of the gym (which, thankfully has a curtain in the middle), they were doing dodgeball. And that’s it for yesterday. Sorry for the late post; the internet’s been iffy yesterday afternoon and this morning.

Well, I have yet to get pictures today, so I better head on out and remedy that. It’s hard to believe it’s our last day here. It’s been fun and exhausting, and I’m already hoping we’ll be able to go to next year’s.