We left several hours earlier than we anticipated, and, by doing so, we have been able to enjoy our time here today! It’s SO good to be out of the car! 13 hours is a long haul. Just sayin’.

I’ve taken over a hundred pictures today, but this is very possibly my favorite! 😀 There’s a playground nearby, and the kids are loving it (obviously).

As generally happens when we travel into the midwest, we were surprised by the wind here.

How are we doing, Claire? I thought we did pretty stellar mingling today.

Then a basketball game was started. Those were difficult pictures, but I kind of liked how this one put the ball and very little else in focus. Very full of motion.

But not as full of motion as this one, which I also liked, despite the blurriness.

And now, I believe we’re about to head somewhere and do something, so I must sign out. I’ll try to post again tomorrow, but not promises. 🙂