Most of them require little or no commentary. And many of them had me grinning and laughing like an idiot. Good times, people! We had such good times!

I actually didn’t really think this one had up-to-par quality, but I felt like I ought to include a picture explaining the situation before I posted the next one. 😉

They were dropping posts into roughly the right spots along a fence line they erected the next day. Of course I took nearly non-stop pictures when they started; I definitely foresaw this happening, and was very glad to see that it came out pretty good! These kind of shots are why I wear my camera!

Some of the craziest, best guys I know. The fun never stops!

A few minutes of recreation before dinner.

One cool dude who came along to watch the shots.

A fellow observer, only she wanted to chase/catch bullets or the dust they stirred up.

Grace and her teddy bear-like puppy. Love you, girl!

Another cool dude. He’s so extremely expressive! LOVE IT!

Yeah, he pretty much cracks me up.

Back on the fencing job! One great thing about building fences is that younger kids can be involved in the process.

Cute, no? She’s another expressive one. Love her. 🙂

Learning how to attach t-post clips. All kids ought to know how to do this!

The next morning. They were loading up to leave. 😦 Then I discovered that I actually like our cat! He’d gotten in their van and locked the doors! The keys were all in the van! The only window open was that one Luke’s got his hand in.

Unfortunately they were able to unlock the doors with a long, skinny, metal, looks-like-it’s-made-from-rebar thingamajig, and, after a few last minute bathroom runs, they were headed north. 😦 We miss them terribly!