Yesterday we finally gave Luke his birthday wish (nevermind it was several months late…). We had a few of his friends over for a work and play day! Luke had fun, and was totally exhausted come family worship time. Daddy was too. 😉

They started the afternoon burning a large pile of trees/branches that have been laying around for a while.

Boys. Fire. I’m guessing they enjoyed it. At least for a while. 🙂

It was a hot afternoon, and a hot job, so I also think it got old after the first hour or so. They plugged away on it for another hour to hour and a half before moving on to the next job though.

I really liked seeing the boys working together.

Daddy was with them, directing them, and keeping them busy and safe all afternoon.


Yep, each of the boys worked hard. Kyle thinks it’s very possibly the best birthday present he has or will receive. 🙂

After the fire working, the boys moved a pile of cow bones and had some fun with with their BB guns. Then we all headed over to our neighbors’ for swimming and dinner!

I found a little sleeping beauty when we arrived.

Yeah, I’m lovin’ my zoom lens. 😀

Love him!

He was such a ham yesterday!

The inner tube was a hit among the boys.

Luke’s face in this one cracks me up; I wish I knew what they were talking about.

And then we ate a delicious dinner, and enjoyed sweet fellowship. I love my community!