I am SO excited! My zoom lens came today! I was gone all day, so I haven’t really had a chance to play with it too much, but I’m looking forward to taking it out tomorrow.

Other exciting things that happened today:

  • I got a hair cut. A pretty drastic hair cut. At a real salon (Breon in Nashville. I highly recommend it! I had Jereece, and she was wonderful!)! I love it!
  • I found an awesomely comfortable and extremely long black skirt at Goodwill.
  • Also at Goodwill, I found plaid flats! … I had to get them.
  • I got to spend an hour singing with good friends this evening. AND WE SOUNDED GOOD!!! Love it when that happens!

It’s been a really good day for me; I hope it has for y’all as well. One more day on the photography challenge. The end of this month really snuck up on me! Wow.