Yesterday was the coming-of-age party of a dear friend. I got to help with the preparations, and I had a great time working and laughing with some of the best folks I know!

The theme for this party was blue and brown. They did a lovely job decorating the tables and room!

I’m telling you, we had some of the cutest kids in the world there last night!

Our servers. The food was absolutely delicious!

This picture cracks me up! She’s such a cutie!

The birthday girl saying a few words.

And then dessert was served. (*Heaven, I’m in Heaven…*) Phyllo cups filled with amazing chocolate mousse. It was delicious!

After dinner the kids rushed around with balloons, some of us cleaned up, and some of us attempted conversation. It was a bit chaotic, but good times nonetheless.

The birthday girl’s grandparents, sort of patriarchs and matriarchs of the church when you think about it.

He’s cute even when he’s frowning. 😀

My goodness! He’s growing up so fast!

And here’s the challenge:

So, yesterday’s challenge was “Moon,” which is interesting since the day before was technically (I think) a new moon, thus we were still unable to see the moon last night. I decided that the creator of this challenge must either be ignorant of the phases of the moon or have an interesting sense of humor; I prefer the latter view of things.

I still conquered this challenge though! At 11:00 last night! I am exhausted! 😛

Rather appropriate verse for a night when there’s no moon… Psalm 72:7.