I warned y’all that a post like this was forthcoming. 😉

I love this picture for some reason.

I’m thinking we won’t even have to clear trees from around one of our pastures if the beavers continue at the rate they’re going!

Doesn’t Kenzy look pitiful? Well, she wasn’t. At all. We recently got weaners, so now she and Avourneen are able to be let into the pasture with the other Jerseys. She’s just heading to the next prime patch of grass, continuing life as if nothing was sticking out of her nose. Avourneen, on the other hand, “lost” her weaner the first or second day. 😛

Yep, the daisies are back! Prepare to be inundated by pictures similar to those of last year. This one gets slightly more interest perhaps because it was one of my first attempts at the manual focus. At least, that actually worked…