Took these at Williams-Sonoma before one of the floor ladies told me (rather snippily – is that a word?) that it wasn’t allowed. Funny, both the other ladies had seen me… 😛 Williams-Sonoma had a lot of green stuff on display yesterday, more for spring than St. Patrick’s Day though, I think.

Green apron.

Green soap.

Green cups.

Green cookbooks.

And green olives.

We went by Williams-Sonoma on our way to the Daniel Brantley Foundation annual fundraising concert and auction!

Missionary Ridge played first.

Then they auctioned off some sweet rolls. They saved most of the auction items for the evening show, which I didn’t see.

Then Ronnie Reno and the Reno Tradition went on. They’re pretty awesome.

They do a couple of triple mandolin numbers which is always my favorite part of their performance. It’s so cool!