Yesterday evening we got to host a Valentine’s Day/making fun of Valentine’s Day party… thing. We had tons of fun putting it together! Thanks to everyone who stopped by!!!

We had an excellent set up, I think. We catty-cornered our regular table, and placed on it mini raspberry cheesecake cupcakes, M&Ms, snickerdoodles, Yorks, Andes Mints, and flourless chocolate cake. In the far right of the picture, you see our old table which we brought down from the library. On it we had Reese’s, KitKat, Heath, Hershey’s, white chocolate-covered popcorn (with some M&Ms thrown in for good measure), brownies, biscotti, spoons, napkins, and nacho trays. On the far left of the picture, you can somewhat see out hot chocolate bar.

Here’s the mix-ins for the coffee/hot chocolate. I think the caramel sauce was the favorite. 🙂

We had so many cute kids come by yesterday! I love ’em!