Well, life has been continuing along as usual lately. School, for those still doing it, resumed Tuesday morning. We’re expecting Clarabelle to have a calf pretty much any minute, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot. We’ve sort of been expecting that since we moved… 😛

I’ve been re-reading my Sherlock Holmes book. Frankly, the more I read it the less satisfied I am with the Robert Downey, Jr. movie. I’ve not yet seen the “Game of Shadows”, so that could very well change my opinion for the better. Don’t get me wrong, I still really, really liked the movie. I just don’t think RDJr was the best choice to play Sherlock. And I wish they had chosen one of the actual stories to do, instead of making something up and throwing in allusions, which were never completely satisfactorily explained in my opinion (the opening scene? Where’s the science behind that girl?), to black magic. Okay, that was NOT what I came on here to write about. Well, now you know, if you didn’t already, that I’m something of a Sherlock Holmes fan. Those stories are among my all-time favorites.

One of Mama’s stocking items was a bundle of dark chocolate bars. One night, shortly after Christmas, we did a blind taste test. The options were Ghirardelli, Godiva, Green and Black, and Lindt. The Ghirardelli won because it was the most truly chocolate-y of the bunch. The Lindt lost. Godiva got second, Green and Black third. Had I chosen, I probably would have put Godiva first. It was a very interesting chocolate, spice-y, nutty, and a tad bit fruity. I thought it was the most special chocolate-eating experience of them all. True, Ghirardelli was definitely the best if you’re going to pure chocolate. Green and Black would have lost had I been the judge. It was WAY too fruity for my taste.

We got a new piece of furniture! It’s a secretary from the Centerville Marketplace. It hides our TV and accessories quite nicely, I think. We’re all pleased with it.

And, if it wasn’t obvious already, my Lightroom free trial ran out yesterday. 😦 Someday maybe I’ll have a spare $100 waiting to be used. *uncontrollable laughter* Yeah, right. Oh, well. I’m saving for a new lens right now; maybe after that…

To sum up the gathering of randomness, here’s a Chesterton quote for you:

Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up.