The neighbors’ horses. From my limited experience, I would say this one is young; I’m guessing he’s the colt of the one in the background.

“Cows are my passion. What I have ever sighed for has been to retreat to a Swiss farm, and live entirely surrounded by cows – and china” – Charles Dickens

I was standing in the milking area while taking these pictures. I think Nonny wanted to be milked… or at least some alfalfa pellets! 🙂 (Image superbly edited by Olivia! Thank you!)

Brisket was jealous of the attention Nonny was getting, and he probably (wrongly) thought that there was a good chance of getting some alfalfa pellets too. So he sauntered over, allowing me to get a somewhat better picture of him than the ones I’ve gotten of him in the past.

This old barn’s falling down, but it caught my attention as I headed back to the house.