Today I’m frustrated with myself. I didn’t sleep too well last night, woke up exhausted with a headache, I’m struggling with a cold, and it’s drizzly outside. So I’ll be honest, I have not been the best friend, sister, daughter that I ought to have been today. In an effort of salvage what’s left of the day, I’m trying to be extra deliberate about being thankful for all the amazing little things this afternoon. The little things like:

The arrival and installation of towel bars that we can use to organize the lids to our pots.

Playing games with my little bro.

New-to-me sweaters.

Cleaning off and organizing my desk area.

Little gingerbread men that Claire made, and custard that Daddy made! (LOVE this time of year!) 🙂

New music.

Amazing friends and a totally awesome family.

Looking back over the year and seeing so much progress and so many blessings!

My life is amazing, and I am SO blessed! I have absolutely no reason not to go around utterly joyful and thankful every single day.