We finished the living room remodeling project Saturday evening! This, however, is how the kitchen and dining room looked for most of the week while we painted. SO glad everything is put back together now!

It’s yellow now! This is actually the same yellow as we used in the sewing room and big room at Viola! And no, we did not intentionally do that; we discovered that after Mama had picked out the paint.

Let’s face it, we all have ’em. Pet projects. Those things you get a hankering to do. Well, this was mine (sorry for the terrible picture – still trying to learn how to optimize the settings on my camera). For a year now we’ve been kicking potatoes and onions around the floor and in that old crate. I finally got fed up with it, and started pushing to get this done. I love it! SO simple too! We painted and hung up extra trim pieces from the living room project, screwed in a couple of hooks, and added one large and one small freezer basket! Storage! And that took what? 10 minutes (not including the time it took for the paint to dry). I’m thrilled with it! 😀

Last night we had folks over for a taffy pull! We learned some things for sure – like, not to cook it as long… That taffy came out really hard! But it was fun. This dude was my little pal last night! 🙂

The pulling part of a taffy pull. And yes, I mopped the floor after we got the pieces cut and wrapped.

A couple of hams! 🙂

Finally, listen to THIS sermon. It was amazing timing for me; I needed to hear that terribly yesterday! I am so incredibly thankful for my pastor and my church family. God is good ALL the time. God is sovereign ALL the time. I don’t need to worry about ANYTHING; it’s all in His hands! Praise the Lord! If I can only remember that I’ll have peace for the rest of my days!