But I have been to Cheekwood in the Fall now! We went yesterday, and my goodness, it was a lovely day to go!

We went primarily because we had an awesome family pass (we only had to pay $3 for parking! Thank you, H family!!!), and we chose this time because of this particular exhibit. You know 9 year old boys and museums? Well, we thought that he might enjoy this one, and I think he did! 🙂

The trains were neat, but we all, except maybe Luke, enjoyed the structures more. The bridges and tunnels were really cool, and there were even buildings of iconic places throughout Tennessee. We’re thinking about making one of these for just around the house with Hickman County iconic places (slightly scary thought, there, but not too much if you think about it being more along the lines of the little white church.).

There was even a Thomas train. 🙂

Cool, no?

We were extra pleasantly surprised by the fact that the other main exhibit at Cheekwood was Buffalo Bill and the Wild West! Talk about a good time to go when you’ve got boys! It was really cool, but unfortunately most of the stuff from that exhibit was inside where they don’t allow photography. This is about the only picture I got of that exhibit.

After viewing about all there was pertaining to the Wild West exhibit, we strolled the grounds, taking the long way back to the car. I believe I’ve mentioned it before, but Tennessee is absolutely gorgeous in the fall!

Ginko. I love Ginko trees, particularly in the fall when they turn brilliantly yellow! That’s at the Japanese gardens, which were lovely, but while we were there, there was a group of Asian tourists resting there. I felt rather out of place. 😛

I had a thoroughly enjoyable time, and I got two keychains out of our trip! I’ll try to remember to get a picture of them and post them soon! 😀