He posted this one-liner on Facebook last night:

It’s funny how children seem to embody everything that [their] parents stood against.

When I saw it, I knew he probably just meant it to be humorous or flippant, but I couldn’t let it pass. This is an incredibly important subject. Your future and your children’s future is wrapped up in “the first command with a promise.” How can we just ignore it?! I wrote out the following response, but avoided posting it at the last minute. Still, I thought I’d share it here and see if it gets agreed with, ignored, or shredded. Anything’s fine with me.

Pardon my bluntness here, but it is not funny. Nor is it good. Children do have an obligation, once they are older, to think about why their parents stood for or against something – to REALLY think about it. If they disagree after careful examination and re-examination, then the children ought to go to their parents and ask them why they hold to the position that the children find themselves disagreeing with. That should be done with the greatest respect and humility. This is part of honoring our parents. If the children still find themselves disagreeing with their parents, even at the end of the conversation, then the children better have a good way to defend their position, based firmly in Scripture.

That is what I believe. Although I believe it with everything I am, I do not always practice it, and for that I am heartily ashamed. I pray often – though not as often as I should – that the Lord would keep me from dishonoring my parents in any way.