I don’t think the friend this picture was taken for looks at my blog, but perhaps he will hear through other friends that we thought of him.

Okay, Sam, I only got about a 3 word email from Kyle saying you wanted me to post pictures of the new guitar. Well, I don’t know what you’re looking for in a picture, so these two will have to do. I personally think Kyle’s expression makes the picture. For the record, I have his permission to post this picture. 😉

The Preview! A picture of Missionary Ridge… What could this mean? Possibly the author of this monotonous blog ventured outside the realm of dirt roads, cows, and cooking! I’m exaggerating, of course… a bit anyway. I did get out though, and I had a wonderful time. However, if I had it to do again, I would probably choose not to stay out until 11:00pm on a Saturday…

I had to post that picture ’cause they actually look like they’re having a good time! For anyone who’s been around bluegrass for very long – or even if you just know of bluegrass via the Darlin’s on Andy Griffith – you know that bluegrassers usually look either miserable or expressionless.